Lily Warden

Lily Warden was injured on the 22 November 1940 at 139 Charles Henry Street. We have no records to confirm this was a fatal injury.

Additional Notes:

Queen's Hospital West Midlands Police Records Raid 46 -22nd /23rd November 1940 Air Raid Warning Red was given at 6.41 p.m. Friday 22nd November and White at 5.49 a.m. Saturday 23rd November. During this period an intensive raid was made on all areas of the City. Bombs were dropped indiscriminately from about 7.20 p.m. to 5 a.m. in most parts of the City. The areas least affected were Erdington, Harborne, Northfield, Great Barr, Sheldon and Kings Norton. Approximately 600 high explosive bombs were dropped (about 100 reported unexploded). 340 sets of incendiary bombs were reported, causing some serious and many minor fires. Flares were also dropped. Damage by fire was caused to business premises and works and about 110 factories were involved. Seven police stations were damaged. Two police officers were fatally injured and six others injured. The following Railway property was affected: New Street Station, Hall Green Station, Curzon Street Station, Bordesley Sidings, Landor Street Sidings, Park Street Bridge, and track at Stechford, Moor Street and Constitution Hill. Five cinemas were damaged. Damage was caused to the Cathedral and four other churches. 12 schools were damaged, chiefly by fire. In addition the under mentioned places sustained damage: Birmingham University, Edmund Street; Midland Institute, Paradise Street; Art Gallery, Congreve Street; Council House; Victoria Law Courts, Corporation Street; County Court Building, Newton Street; G.P.O. Hill Street, Post Office Stores, Fordrough Lane. Traffic was stopped on Stratford Road and Coventry Road, two essential routes. A scarcity of water occurred during the raid, and the supply was seriously affected for some time afterwards. Casualties: 332 fatal, 493 wounded and 427 slightly wounded. After the raid Police assistance was supplied from Staffordshire (50), the Local Military Police and Traffic Control Personnel also rendered most useful assistance to the police. E Division - Camp Hill, Small Heath, Garrison Lane Area, Sparkbrook, Moseley, Cannon Hill, Belgrave Road, Hall Green, Robin Hood, Brandwood End, Kings Heath, Greet, Warstock, Acocks Green, Sparkhill, Hay Mills, Balsall Heath, Bradford Street, Bordesley, Tyseley (BSA), Coventry Road, Stratford Road. Birmingham Fire Services - Report number 84. Air Raid warning: Red 1230 White 1252, 1541 Red, 1629 white, 1841 yellow, 1842 red, 0551 white. Numbers of incidence dealt with 537. No of fires caused by enemy action 484. No of A.F.S appliances engaged 775. No R.B 89. Number of jets 646. General report, the raid commenced on this night within a few moments of the warning at 18:42. Quickly the whole of Birmingham’s fire resources where engaged with calls spread over most of the city. Big fires in district far apart and the surviouring of trunk remains resulted in difficulties with the water supplies and as the road continued to the early hours of the following morning, so the water problem became more acute. Until certain fires which may leave boon checked developed from this reason alone. There’s three stages of the re-enforcement seem working to operation and additional 100 pumps and crews were called for, making the total of 209 supplementary pumps, together with a 1000 men, forming the crews inside the city. In addition 250 men without appliances were brought in to assist in general work and help in reliving our own tired men. The assistance of the royal engineers had also been obtained to stand by nightly should demolition work prove necessary. Stops have also been taken to overcome the shortage of water. Injury’s to personal 4- fatal injury’s, and approximately 94 others 14 of which were treating in hospital. Fatal Division 3. R. Burrows B. 5641- whole time 305 Heathfiold road. Handsworth. Division 3, J.M Jones B. 13395 - Whole time- 305 station 3/7, 132 Hagley Road. Division 5 A. Davies B. 11601 - part time- 275 Cateswell Road, Hall Green. Division 6 P. Allon B, 6351 - Part time- 24 Lincoln Street, Balsall Heath.

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